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Some Tips for the Brides: Rule of Thumb on Your Big Day


Weddings are uncontrollable events, since everything happens so fast paced. There is something occurring every second during the event. It is important for us to be present for each of those moments so that we may provide you with pictures you will never tire of sharing for years to come.  

A movie has professional actors and actresses who are familiar with the words: Camera… lights….action! If anything does not seem perfect in the movie, the scene is taken over and over again many times until the director gets it right. The photographer of a movie is very lucky since he/she has many chances to take the right photograph in the perfect lighting condition. 

Unlike a movie, the actresses and actors of the weddings I had to shoot were the bride, the groom, the bride maids, the parents, the flower girl, the ring boy, the guests, etc. In real life weddings the brides and grooms have no prior experience facing in front of a camera. They have no experience and so the wedding photographer has only one chance to capture the moment and get it right; one chance, one shot, and everything stays in time forever. 

Here are some Tips to follow to help us get that perfect shot

Avoid chewing gum 

There are few cameras on hand to shoot your wedding. You are the star of the day and we want to make sure you get that perfection you desire. We understand that chewing gum may calm your nerves or you simply want to freshen your breath before the ceremony but something as little as gum can ruin the shot. 
Most people tend to think that placing the gum on the inside of your cheek gets rid of the problem but sometimes it could find a way to sneak its way into your picture. You may think it’s hidden but when you view the picture, you’ll find it is quite noticeable. You concentrate on hiding it, holding it in place in your cheek that it changes the perfection and stature of your beautiful face. 
The gum becomes more noticeable if anyone talks, smiles or is laughing which can result in an unflattering photo. To prevent this from happening, I encourage the bridal party (including the bride, groom, and their parents) as well as anyone else participating in the ceremony to refrain from chewing gum during the event. We capture candid moments during the entire event and to give you the best quality pictures it is necessary to avoid the smallest of imperfections.

Do Not Call People during the Photo Session 

Again this is your day; you are the star of the day; all eyes are on you, don’t spend your time riling people up for various shoots throughout the session. If you don’t have their attention at that moment, then it’s not worth it. 
Keep in mind that we don’t only take posed photos but also candid photos of you with your guests and your bridal party. You should not be distracted or concerned about anything but you and your husband. You and your husband are my subjects and I intend on capturing the controlled moments as well as the spontaneous moments. 
Paparazzi photographing is my passion and you are my subject, so make sure you are fit and prepared for that at all times. If you wish for someone to be included in a shot, we request that you notify myself, someone on my team, or send them a quick message.

Do not look at other Cameras 

You are paying for my services and you have my undivided attention. I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality images through my exceptional talent, skills, and knowledge. 
There are a lot of weddings where guests are taking random pictures. Sometimes that can be an obstacle for us and get in the way to your best shots. The bride, the groom, and the other subjects who are being photographed get confused what camera lens to look into and then everyone will be facing a different direction. You want to get your money’s worth and it can be distracting when others are also taking pictures, diverting your attention from your session. 
In order to assist with this problem, I ask guests who wish to take their own pictures to follow my lead. Their shot should follow mine. This is also to prevent from obtaining less than mediocre shots as well as blinding everyone with a continuous series of flashes. This keeps the environment controlled so they can get their shot without interfering with the job you hired me for.

Do not talk during the photo session 

During the formally posed pictures, we ask that you pay full attention to this session. Please take advantage of this opportunity to allow us to get the best shot of you and your loved ones. 
Our duty is to accentuate the beautiful vision of love for you to share for years to come so please give us your full cooperation during these sessions so that we may achieve this goal.

We only need a few seconds of your attention in order to capture your best look and these elegant photos. So when we take group organized photos for your family, friends and relatives, please avoid talking to each other. 

Today is the finest day in your lifetime; you are all dressed up and have hired one of the best professional wedding photographers in the world to take your wedding shots so that your future generations will cherish these pictures of their parents and grandparents forever.

Limit or disallow your guests from taking pictures 

Earlier I mentioned the desired procedure of your guests taking their own photos however we do prefer if they do not take personal pictures. This is because we make sure we take an abundance of pictures, not limited to only the couple. 
We will take pictures of your guests as well whether upon their request or ours. We also offer all the photos from the wedding in an online gallery which is password protected. We give the password to you and you distribute the password to your loved ones so they may see, share, and print the photos at their discretion. 
Many brides do not allow their guests to take pictures and I think that is absolutely great. If you are able to and comfortable to enforce a “no camera” or “limited camera usage” policy at your event, we encourage that you do but otherwise we, on the other hand, will allow the guests to take pictures as long as they are not in our way and that they can be controlled.

Let your Photographer Chase You: Action makes the memory fonder 

Action photography and photographing your candid moments, your emotions, your smiles, your laughter, your happiness, your sadness and your joyful tears is the best. 
Candid shots are my favorite to take because it’s all based on raw emotion. I catch you and your loved ones in your most natural and vulnerable moments. These make the sweetest memories.  
Sometimes you will notice a light flashing or realize that I am following you to capture the best moments of your life like a Paparazzi approach.  At that moment please don’t turn your back onto me and the camera, rather turn your body and face in my direction and just continue to do whatever you were doing very carefully and tactfully. If you are not already facing me, do so in a subtle manner so that no one breaks the moment. If you are talking, drinking, eating or just dancing with your friends continue to so; silently move your face and body towards the direction of the camera and you don’t even have to pose unless directed.

Walking Down the Aisle 

We have previously photographed hundreds of brides walking down their aisle on their wedding day just like you are going to do today. Every moment of a wedding is important and that’s why the wedding photographer is as busy as a bee. 
Walking down the aisle is one of the most important moments of every wedding; that’s when all the attendees at your wedding have their focus on you. There are a hundred eyes that are looking at you, the beautiful subject. 
It’s your wedding day and whatever your tradition and culture, the wedding belongs to you. No need to pay attention to anyone. You are the queen and your husband is the king and today you are both the main subject of the occasion. Everyone is paying attention to you, so you walk with confidence and concentration. Be natural and walk at a steady and smooth pace. We will do our job. We will take care of the rest.

It’s a Matter of Trust 

You need to have a trusting relationship which will help accomplish the highest quality and outcome as far as your photography needs go on your special day. We are dedicated professionals and although money is important, getting one’s name out there, as well as receiving respect and mental satisfaction is even more important to me. 

I give my customers my very best and I guarantee that you will get what you paid for. My creativity and my vision, along with my imagination will compliment your beauty and I promise that I will deliver stunning images. 

You hired us based on the quality of our work, our skills and education, but most of all it was because of our experience with wedding photography and our competitive pricing. Thus we have passed the test and are now able to earn your business and trust. It is our duty to finish the assignment which is photographing your celebrated wedding day. 

You hired us because you know that we are a good fit for your event. We are experienced photographers with notable recognition. You don’t have to worry about details regarding our part in your event. Once you hire us, we take care of the rest. We are truly honored and humbled that you trust us with your event. Our vow is to give you memories to last you a lifetime.

Makeup & Hair 

Hair and makeup are the two components besides the dress and jewelry that are most important to the bride. Both have to be just right to match her vision for the day. For makeup, I suggest that brides avoid the glossy, shiny makeup because it does not photograph well. Stick with a natural look, light makeup. 

You want to accent your best features not blotch it. For hair, be sure to get a trial run because you want to make sure that you choose the right hairstyle that compliments the shape of your face. It’s your day and you want to look your best.

The Makeup Artist 

A skilled makeup artist is the key to the portrayal of beauty. Like finding a perfect wedding photographer, it is also an important task for brides to find an appropriate makeup artist. It’s better to find a makeup artist within the ethnic community you belong to or a makeup artist who is specialized in that particular theme of weddings. 
During the past several years, photographing Indian weddings in Atlanta and all over the United States we have experienced that some makeup artists put a glossy layer on the face of the bride to make the face stand out. 
Please ask them not to do that as you do not need a glossy and shiny face. Our camera and lens are very sharp and sophisticated and can depict what we normally do not pay attention to off camera. Make sure you consult with your makeup artist so as to get your best look ever.

The Hairstyle 

One of the best ways to have great looking hair on the day of your wedding is to ask your stylist to give you a trial hair makeover before the actual wedding day, that way you can choose the best look for yourself. 
Sometimes some hairstyles do not fit well with the bride’s face and overall appearance. A tight hairstyle often makes the head look smaller and does not look very attractive, rather open your hair and have it flowing around your shoulders. 
Make sure you practice before the final day the type of hairstyle you will have and that will beautify the unique bride that you are. We will capture nothing but gorgeous photography of your wedding both in the studio and in the ballroom setting.

Important People in Your Wedding 

The bride is the central figure at the wedding; she’s the queen of the wedding and all professional photographers know that; I am no exception. The groom is the secondary person of interest in a wedding. Parents, bridesmaids, groom men, flower girls, the ring bearer, the family, friends and guests come next. 
Please share all these tips I mentioned with them. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email or text message and we will answer your questions shortly. If you need a private consultation please let me know.

Bridal Party & Guests 

Though the bride and groom are the main focal points of the event, we will give time to other members of the wedding as well. After all, they are the support system for the couple who are there to celebrate this joyous occasion with them.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen 

You are here to support your friends who have chosen you to stand with them this day. We love to photograph you because you are playful and lively. We count on you to bring the fun to life and remind the lovely couple that this is not only the most romantic day but fun day of their lives. The sillier the better so don’t be shy and show us what you got!

Bride Maids 

Try to be Active, attentive, funny, jolly, and happy. You are the one who is responsible to make your best friend, the bride, become the center of attention. Together with your help we will make her wedding beautiful and capture stunning photography. You are the one who is surrounding the bride, thus making you one of the most important person’s around her.

Groom Men

Pay attention to the groom by being attentive, funny, complimenting, reassuring, as we will be taking lots of pictures of you. Without the groom men a wedding is not at full function. We love photographing you guys!

Flower Girl and the Ring bearer Boy or Girl 

Who doesn’t love these young ones? They are adorable! At Love Studio Photography, we love children and we will take as many cute photographs as possible of our little friends. They are so delicate and beautiful in the wedding. 

I believe that children make the wedding. Children are playful and sweet. Besides, who could resist being a princess and prince for a day? Their duties are just as important as the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We adore children and they are fun to work with. 

We ask that the children be prepared for their photo session. In fact, it may help to rehearse with them how a posed picture will go. We understand it’s hard to hold a child’s attention for long so we ask that you rehearse as much as you can with them so we may get the best shots of them. A rehearsal always helps and a little practice makes things perfect.


This is a sacred and emotional event for you as you witness the joining of your children and set them off to the next stage of their lives. My best advice to you is to relax and have fun. 
I know it may be tempting to want to run the show but trust us to do our job. You and/or your children have hired us for a job and we will make sure we do everything to your and your children’s satisfaction. Imagine that you are the parents of the king and queen! Basically, you are the retired king and queen and so you are very important today. 
Parents should be ready on time, that way they can relax, enjoy and participate the entire evening. Parents should not, as they call it “move a single chair” in their daughter or son’s wedding; remember you already hired someone to do that job. That way you would keep your best look intact and in turn we will pay full attention to you and make your wedding photography a smooth and successful one.


We understand that everyone wants their moment with the bride and groom; chatting and taking pictures. In some weddings the bride and groom go to every table to greet the guests and take pictures with them. 
Another way to do group pictures with the bride and groom is to call each and every family individually to the stage so as to take those memorable photographs. We are happy to do either or both depending on the schedule and program of the wedding.

List of the People who you need to be photographed

It is best to give us a list so that we can call everyone who you would like to be photographed at your wedding. We recommend you select a volunteer who can call your loved ones with a loud voice and who knows them each individual.


Taking group pictures is simple and we can start from the smallest or largest group. It would be great if a person who knows the wedding group and has a loud voice announce and organize the groups for the photo shoot. 
Sometimes the names are given to the DJ for announcing so that every individual or family walks in the stage to take pictures. We organize the people of the group. It is helpful if a volunteer lends a hand to manage these groups and it is so much appreciated.   


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