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Atlanta Wedding Photographer Marriott Alpharetta

These beautiful newlyweds, which I captured here in my job as Atlanta Wedding Photographer, are as glorious as the morning sun. When we compare ourselves to the vastness of the world around us, from the billions of known stars to the yet unexplored corners of the universe, we find our tiny existence doesn't matter. Yet, within the personal stories of our lives, where we meet other human souls and fall in love, we shine like the dazzling stars of the Milky Way Galaxy.

While traditional marriage, often based around a religion, has always been something of a transactional agreement that humans have created as a sort of rule or discipline in society, in order to regulate smoother, more effective and respectful relationships, when two people fall in love, they truly outshine the sun the in the sky.

As a Wedding Photographer, I shot this candid photograph of the bride and groom at their Indian Sindh wedding reception at the Atlanta Marriott in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. In the eyes of a photographer, creativity knows no bounds as the bride and groom are made the stars of their beautiful day. Poetry is presented visually in the imaginative display of two lovers surrounded by brilliant candles like two vibrant stars surrounded by a galaxy of smaller stars in the night sky.

Even during the best man's speech, as the bridal couple was being reminisced about, the huge ballroom full of people was silent with admiration as they joined in the joy and celebration of the beautiful couple. Everyone's eyes were on these shining stars, the bride and groom, who were glowing with happiness and love for each other.

My goal here was to capture these two vividly, and in focus, surrounded by a blur of others, represented by the candles. Here, the bride and groom are like the sun, the largest star in the galaxy, standing out vividly against a background of smaller stars.

Location: Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta, 5750 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

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